The views expressed by Wits SRC chairman Mcebo Dlamini are against South African values

The view expressed by Wits SRC chairman Mcebo Dlamini that Adolf Hitler was a great man whose leadership should be emulated is shocking to any thinking member of society. His policy of the extermination of the Jewish people, the enslavement of Europe and the destruction of democracy is against South Africa’s core beliefs of human rights, the rule of law, pluralism and freedom of religion and expression.

To compare “the current Palestinian situation” to the Holocaust serves only to emphasize his racist, anti-semitic viewpoint. If the University of the Witwatersrand is committed not to discriminate against any person based on their race, religion, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political affiliation, SACRED urges that the University authorities act expeditiously to take the appropriate disciplinary action against Mcebo Dlamini